Anu Halmesmaa

Turku, Finland

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Anu Halmesmaa / Visual Artist / Master of Fine Arts

Anu Halmesmaa (born 1981) is a Finnish artist working mainly with sculptures and installation types of ensembles. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland in MA/ fine arts in 2010.

The materials and work processes play an important role in her work. Her wall sculptures are assembled from hand cut forms of mdf-board and painted by hand with glossy alkyd paint.
There is no room for mistakes when working with these materials, as the artist aims for the painted sculptures to have an almost mirror-like sheen. To achieve this, Halmesmaa spends hours and hours polishing the pieces with sandpaper and painting them over and over.
The artist is fighting against her own fear of failing by trying to create something that is almost near perfection. This gives her peace of mind and calmness in this chaotic world.