Anu Halmesmaa / Visual Artist

Anu Halmesmaa / Visual Artist

Made in Mymind – Life in Circle, 2014

Painted mdf- board, 2014- 2015

“I have taken the circle as the starting point for my work. To me the circle in itself holds everything, as a metaphor for beginning and end. A circle as form is impossible to create by hand, it is perfect and unreachable. And that intrigues me. It has taken me to my own circular path to explore the impossible and trying my best to reach for and find my own balance by creating these personal mandalas. Every one of these sculptures that I make is an attempt to restore a previously existing order by going through almost meditative creative process. The spiral grows upwards while simultaneously returning again and again to the same point – a circle. It is a never ending process of finding inner and external harmony.”

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